Points to be aware of :

  • Each viewing ticket is for one person and it is only valid for that day.
  • Please do not touch the exhibition pieces.
  • Please refrain from taking pictures, recording videos, or making copies of the works within the exhibition area. Also, pencils are the only allowed writing implement. (Ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils are not allowed)
  • Please refrain from using cell phones and PHS within the exhibition area.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking within the exhibition area (including candy and gum).
  • Please refrain from smoking inside the museum.
  • There will be an entrance limit should the museum become overcrowded.
  • Please refrain from bringing plants or animals (excluding seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, or guide dogs), large luggage, dangerous items, or umbrellas.
  • Viewing tickets will not be reissued no matter the circumstances (e.g. because of loss, incineration, or damage).
  • Please follow the directions of those in charge for everything else.


Are there parking lots?

There are no dedicated parking lots. Please use public transportation or neighborhood parking lots.
→ More on neighborhood parking lots
→ If you are coming via a large bus, please use the municipal parking lot. (on the Toyama City website)

Do you have wheelchairs?

There is a total of 7 wheelchairs in the TOYAMA KIRARI building.
If you wish to use one, please ask at the desk on any floor.

Do you have a space for drinking and eating inside the museum?

Please use the area around the vending machine next to the Information Corner on the 1st floor (the library space). There is also a café on the 2nd floor. See here for details.

Is it cold in the exhibition area?

The exhibition area is set to a fixed temperature for the preservation of the artworks.
We recommend bringing something to put on such as a jacket or cardigan when viewing the exhibition.

May I bring large luggage such as a suitcase or traveling bag into the exhibition area?

Please leave large luggage such as suitcases and travel bags at the desk in front of the exhibition area. We also have coin lockers which you may make use of.