IWAKI Takijiro, Cut Glass Bowl with Gold Red Overlay, 1914,
OKAMOTO GLASS Co.,Ltd., Photo: Tanaka Yuuki

(from left)Footed Shaved Ice Cup with Polka Dots and Red rim, Footed Shaved Ice Cup with Red Spots Design, Footed Shaved Ice Cup with Ridges design and Opalescent Scalloped Rim, Footed Shaved Ice Cup with Killifish Design, Taisho-early Showa period(1912-1945), private collection, Photo: Tanaka Yuuki

IWATA Toshichi, Vase, 1960, Shinjuku Historical Museum

KAGAMI Kozo, Vase with Hosoge Design, Year of creation unknown, private collection, Photo: Tanaka Yuuki

SATO Junshiro, Glass vase blown into forged iron work, 1940, National Crafts Museum, photo: Fujikawa Kiyoshi

Iwaki Glass Crafts Department,(clockwise from left) Pâte de verre "Bowl", Pâte de verre "Turkey", Pâte de verre "Dove", Pâte de verre "Gurnard", c.1938, AGC TECHNO GLASS Co.,Ltd., photo: RAPT Co., Ltd.

(right) SASSA Fumio, Ornament "APOSTROPHE", 1955, collection of SASSA Eiko, photo: TANAKA Yuuki

(both) AWASHIMA Masakichi,
Vase “MA-Balloon”, c.1966, Sogetsu Foundation, photo: TANAKA Yuuki

FUJITA Kyohei, Rainbow Colors, 1964, National Crafts Museum, Photo: S&T PHOTO

FUNAKI Shizuho, Bowl with Mosaic Design, Blue and Yellow, year of creation unknown, Matsuojisho Co., Ltd. ©2015 Hachiyama Publishing


The Origins of Japanese Modern Glass

Period: 2023.7.8 sat – 10.9 mon

Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 9:30-18:00 (admission until 17:30), Fri-Sat 9:30-20:00 (admission until 19:30)

Closed: First and third Wednesdays (except August 16), August 23

Venue: Floors 2-3, Exhibition Rooms 1-3


Beginning in the Meiji period, Western methods of glass manufacturing spread throughout Japan and a wide range of glass products came to be produced. In this context, IWATA Toshichi and KAGAMI Kozo approached glassmaking as a means of self-expression and strived to raise glass’s status as an art form. The number of artists pursuing unique expression using glass gradually increased. From the 1950s to the 1970s, many designers employed by glass companies were involved in both product design and creating works of art. At the same time, artists who did not belong to companies but created work in accordance with the tsubogari method, which involved hiring studios and craftspeople, and artists who set up their own furnaces after working for companies also appeared. In this exhibition, we explore the origins of modern and contemporary Japanese glass art by focusing on developments over the roughly 100 years from the 1870s to the early 1970s, introducing the highly creative works and product designs of the artists who broke new ground in each period and related materials from the time.



Organized by Toyama Glass Art Museum


Japan Broadcasting Corporation Toyama Station, Kitanihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.,






IWAKI Takijiro, KOBAYASHI Kikuichiro, OKAMOTO Ichitaro, Shaved Ice Cup, Soy Sauce Cruet, etc. in Meiji-early Showa period (1868-1945), MATSUURA Gyokuho, IWATA Toshichi, KAGAMI Kozo,

MYODO Chojiro, TAKAGI Shigeru, FURIHATA Masao, AWASHIMA Masakichi (OBATA Masakichi),

SATO Junshiro, AONO Takeichi, KAGAMI Mitsuru, Kagami Crystal Works, Iwaki Glass Crafts Department, OGAWA Yuhei, KOSHIBA Sotoichi, YOSHIDA Takeo, SASSA Fumio, TAKEUCHI Denji, Sasaki Glass Co., Ltd., HOYA Corporation, FUNAKOSHI Saburo, SUGASAWA Toshio, IWATA Hisatoshi, IWATA Itoko, Iwata Glass Co., Ltd., FUJITA Kyohei, MASUDA Yoshinori, KOTANI Shinzo, FUNAKI Shizuho etc.

(in the order of display, company name is at the time of production of the exhibited works)

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Special Lecture: Shinagawa Glassworks and Modern Glass Art in Japan

Lecturer: INOUE Akiko (Glass Art Historian)

Date: Saturday, August 5, 2023 at 14:00-15:00

Venue: Toyama Glass Art Museum 2F Lobby

Language: Japanese

*No reservation required

*Free of charge


Curator’s Talk

Date: July 22, August 19, September 16, October 7, 2023 each at 14:00-

Venue: Toyama Glass Art Museum, Floors 2-3, Exhibition Rooms 1-3

Language: Japanese

*No reservation required

*Free of charge


Workshop: Modeling Pâte de Verre Experience

Lecturer: KATSUKAWA Natsuki (Artist)

Date: Sunday, September 3, 2023 at ①10:00-11:30 ②14:00-15:30

Venue: Toyama Glass Art Museum 2F Conference Room

Subject: 3rd grade of elementary school or older

Capacity: 8 people / each time

Participation fee: 2500 yen

Language: Japanese

*Advance reservation required. For information on how to apply, visit the website.



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