Glass Art Garden


Installations by the great master of contemporary glass art, Dale Chihuly, are in display. Five pieces from Chihuly’s representative art series, such as the “Persian Ceiling” and “Mille Fiori” are in this exhibition.

Dale Chihuly, Toyama Mille Fiori

Dale Chihuly, Toyama Mille Fiori, 2015
H280 × W940 × D580 cm, Toyama Glass Art Museum


Dale Chihuly, Toyama Float Boat, 2015
H60 × W917.5 × D657.5 cm, Toyama Glass Art Museum

Collection Exhibition


We are displaying the contemporary glass works of the Glass Art Museum which Toyama City has collected for “Glass Art City, Toyama” over 30 years. Approximately 20 works have been gathered which seem to be responsive to social change and the successive new values that are being created.
(The artwork is changed periodically.)
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Collection Exhibition Mingling Materials(Permanent Exhibition)


KOJIRO Yoshiaki, Structural Blue 60.2, 2021,
photo by SUEMASA Mareo

Glass Art Passage


Within the Public Welfare Facility, there are approximately 50 pieces exhibited which were created by 20 artists associated with Toyama. These pieces are located from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor.
The artists who have studied glass in Toyama create varied expressions such as vessels, objets d’art, and sculptures. They are active not only in Japan, but throughout the world. In this exhibition, each work develops an enjoyably rich expressive world that seems connected to a rhythm and echoes the architectural space.
(The artwork is changed periodically.)

Glass Art Passage[2F-4F]

Glass Art Passage

TOGASHI Youko, Harvest #7

TOGASHI Yoko, Harvest #7, 2015
Toyama Glass Art Museum


Permanent Exhibition Admission

General Public, College Student ¥200 (¥170)
( ) is for groups of 20 people or more.

*Permanent Exhibition tickets grant entrance to the Collection Exhibition and the Glass Art Garden.
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