NISHI Etsuko, Charming Lady, 2013, Photo: SAIKI Taku

Pavel HLAVA, Leaf Colourful, 1998, Photo: SAIKI Taku

TASHIMA Etsuko, Cornucopia 99-X, 1999, Photo: SAIKI Taku

SASAKI Rui, Subtle Intimacy, 2019, Photo: OKAMURA Kichiro

All of the works listed above are collection of Toyama Glass Art Museum.


Collection Exhibition

Glass Art: Flora Times Three

Period: Saturday, 21 May 2022-Sunday, 13 November 2022

Opening Hours: 9:30-18:00 (until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays )
*Latest admission is 30 minutes before closing

Closed: First and Third Wednesdays, 8 June 2022 (except for 1 June)

Venue: 4F Exhibition Room 4 & Transparent Storage


This exhibition presents fifteen pieces from the permanent collection of the Toyama Glass Art Museum, offering three different perspectives on floral themes in glass art.

Flowering plants that put down sturdy roots in the soil, from time to time produce lovely blooms, and eventually return to the earth, serve as living, breathing companions for us. Represented in innumerable works of art across every genre since antiquity, they have provided multifaceted motifs encompassing allegory and symbolism, decoration and design.

Botanical forms and images are also incorporated in myriad ways in contemporary glass art, their expression ranging from works that seek formative inspiration from herbaceous plants, to others that overlay the morphology and extraordinary life force of plants on the work’s conceptual base, and yet others that use floral forms as metaphors for formless things like memories and thoughts.

“Flora,” from the Roman goddess governing flowers and fertility, refers to the plant life of a particular region. Join us in this attempt, through the works here, to identify in contemporary glass art three different takes on floral expression: “Flower forms and foliage shapes,” “Blossoming vitality,” and “Floral memories.”


Click here to download the List of works.

*Reproduction of photos are prohibited.

Related Programs

Related Programs

Curator’s Talk
The exhibition curator gives a talk to introduce the show. (Language: Japanese)
Date & time: 14:00- 29 May, 11, 26 June, 9, 24 July, 13, 28 August, 10, 25 November 2022
Venue: Toyama Glass Art Museum

* No reservation
*These talk events are all in Japanese.



<General Public & College Student> 200 yen (170 yen)
*Price in brackets for groups of 20 or more.
*Admission fee is free for high school students and younger.
*Tickets also allow admission to the Glass Art Garden at the 6 floor.


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