Production work by artist on Live Streaming

As a related event of the special solo exhibition “TAKAHASHI Yoshihiko  playtime” that is being held from March 6th at the museum, we will be released on live streaming by Instagram as open studio session by Mr. Yoshihiko Takahashi who is an artist on this exhibition from his studio in Kanagawa. If you live far away, you can watch on your smartphone etc. If you visit the exhibition, you can also watch the production scenery in real time at the museum.

 Date & time: 10:00-11:00, 16:00-17:00 Saturday, 5 June
 Venue: Toyama Glass Art Museum 2F Lobby (Capacity: about 15 people)
 Instagram Live streaming
 Host: TAKAHASHI Yoshihiko official account (@yorangy)
 Guest: Toyama Glass Art Museum account (@toyamaglassartmuseum)

How to watch on Live Streaming

You can watch the live on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
1) Log in to your Instagram after set your account with email and password.
2) Search for the artist account (@yorangy) on the search form in the Instagram app. Tap the icon with the word “LIVE” to watch it when the live starts.
*Your can also watch from the account (@toyamaglassartmuseum) for 5 to 10 minutes after the start.
*You can also see it from the link of account (@yorangy) in the post feed related to this exhibition on the museum.
3) You can post your comments and questions in the comment section of the video during the live streaming. Questions about works and productions will be answered by the artist to the extent possible during production.

*If you follow the Instagram account of the museum or the account of Yoshihiko Takahashi in advance, it will be easier to watch the live stream.
*The dates and times of related pragmas are subject to change.
*Please check our website for the last information.

Hashtag: #takahashiyoshihikoplaytime